Workshops & Conferences


ASPERA 2017 Conference Panel

Panel Members:
Susan Kerrigan – University of Newcastle,
James Verdon – Swinburne University of Technology
Sean Maher – QUT,
Craig Batty – RMIT University
Trish FitzSimons – Griffith University
Alison Wotherspoon – Flinders University

Members of the panel addressed how filmmaking research generates new knowledge and what resources or research infrastructure are needed to improve research capacity. Discussion will focus on case studies of best practice and FRN register of films.

Presentation Outline

FRN Update of Activities – Susan – Developing multiple strands of Filmmaking Research (workshops, survey, online screenings, JMP Special Issue for 2018)

FRN Membership Participation – Sean – Summary of online discussions (Jiscmail audit)

FRN Methodologies – Craig – Creative Practice Research Degrees and the Forming of New Identities

FRN Genres – Alison – Tensions within Interdisciplinary Research (having your filmmaking research recognised)

FRN Research Frameworks – Trish and James – How Australian universities currently express and reward research priorities, how disciplines like filmmaking should best respond to this.

Discussion (15 minutes)


Sightlines Conference

RMIT Melbourne
29th November 2016

Workshop notes and transcripts are available here

University of Sussex Workshop

Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts
7th December 2016

Workshop notes and transcripts are available here



A research assessment training seminar in reviewing practice research will be developed and held in London in early 2018.




Case studies, survey findings and other research arising will be developed for publication in a Special issue of the Journal of Media Practice for end of 2018.

Papers will be presented at conferences and as panels including:

  • Sightlines, RMIT, November 2016
  • ASPERA, Bond University, June 2017
  • NAHEMI, London College of Communication, July 2017
  • MeCCSA, London Southbank University, January 2018
  • Journal of Media Practice and MeCCSA Practice network symposium, Lincoln, June 2018