Film Register

The Film Register is a repository containing basic details of 153 films made inside the academy by academic filmmakers.

This register should help filmmaking researchers find details about research films.

These films can be searched by film genre, film title, filmmaker and film content.

Searchable terms include:

  • Documentary
  • Fiction
  • Essay (for essay films)
  • Animation
  • Experimental (for experimental films)
  • Television

Film Register Data:

The oldest film was made in 1984 and nearly 90% of these films were made since 2000.

There was a wide variation of film lengths:

  • Short films, between 2-20 minutes (39%).
  • Half hour, between 22-30 minutes (21%)
  • Hour plus, between 35-67 minutes  (18%)
  • Feature films, 70 minute or longer (20%)