Case studies

Working with Insights for Impact, the FRN have produced four thematic case studies to highlight examples of best practice and provide advice and guidance to the network.

Please read or download the case studies below.

Film Research in REF Impact
How film as research outputs featured in REF 2014
and what lessons can be learned to create strong cases for 2021
Download here

Assessment of Filmmaking as Research
What should filmmaking researchers consider when submitting their work for research assessment?
How can you make explicit the research components of your work?
Download here

Researching Filmmaking Practices
Supporting researchers to reflect on their approaches
Download here

Funding for Film as Research
Download here




The filmmaking research survey has been created by the Filmmaking Research Network (FRN)  to gather information about films produced within universities and the research processes associated. From the survey a series of resources will be produced including  a register of films and case studies of best practice.  Please share and participate in the survey at




Via the survey, information will be gathered about film outputs. Using a look-up table users will be able to access film details (e.g. synopsis, genre, length). Academics, industry and general public will be able to search the register related to their interests, e.g. genres, themes, research topic etc. Where available URL’s of completed films will be provided.


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