Special Issues of Journals

Filmmaking in the Academy
Journal special edition – to view the journal online click here
Media Practice and Education, 19.3, 2018
(Editors) Susan Kerrigan and Joanna Callaghan

  • The Impact of filmmaking research
    Susan Kerrigan & Joanna Callaghan
  • From doctoral project to cinematic release: A dialogue on the impact pathway ofColours of the Alphabet
    Nicholas Higgins and Alastair Cole
  • An ecology of relationships: tensions and negotiations in documentary filmmaking practice as research
    Kim Munro & Paolo Bilbrough
  • The Voicing Hidden Histories project: participatory video in development, soft power and film language
    Paul Cooke, Stephanie Dennison & William Gould
  • Publishing screen media practice research: evolving processes of contextualization, peer review and future proofing in Screenworks
    Charlotte Crofts & Alexander Nevill
  • Walking in someone else’s shoes: creating empathy in the practice of immersive film
    Sarah Jones & Steve Dawkins
  • Stories of a ruined space: filmic and sonic approaches to practice-as-research
    Christopher Brown & Andrew Knight-Hill


Creative Practice in Filmmaking and Screen Production

Journal Special Issue -to view the journal online click here
Studies in Australasian Cinema, 12.2-3, 2018
(Editors) Susan Kerrigan, James Verdon and Pieter Aquilia

  • Editorial – ‘Creative practice research in filmmaking and screen production’ by Susan Kerrigan, James Verdon and Pieter Aquilia
  • ‘The cinematic moment: improving audience testing of movies’ by Simon Weaving, Sandra Pelzer and Marc Adam
  • ‘Deconstructing the detour: A meld of theory and filmic practice to generate new knowledge’ by Patrick Kelly
  • ‘Electroacoustic moviemaking: a creative media practice research collaboration case study’ by Nick Cope and Tim Howle
  • ‘Re-visioning screen produciton education through the lens of creative practice: an Australian film school example’ by Pieter Aquilia and Susan Kerrigan
  • ‘The benefits of content analysis for filmmakers’ by Catalin Brylla
  • Report – ‘Exploring a new ear of screen production research: laying foundations for engagement and impact’ by Craig Batty, Marsha Berry and Bettina Frankham
  • ‘Insights into teaching creativity in editing’ by Jillian Holt


Peer-reviewed articles

A filmmaker’s research perspective: an overview of Australian and UK filmmaking research
Conference proceedings
Susan Kerrigan and Joanna Callaghan