Peer-reviewed articles

A filmmaker’s research perspective: an overview of Australian and UK filmmaking research
Conference proceedings
Susan Kerrigan and Joanna Callaghan

The Impact of Filmmaking Research
Journal article
Media Practice and Education, Issue 3, 2018
Susan Kerrigan and Joanna Callaghan


Special Issues of Journals

Filmmaking in the Academy
Journal special edition
Media Practice and Education, 19.3, 2018
(Editors) Susan Kerrigan and Joanna Callaghan

Creative Practice in Filmmaking and Screen Production

Journal Special Issue -to view the journal click here
Studies in Australasian Cinema, 12.2-3, 2018
(Editors) Susan Kerrigan, James Verdon and Pieter Aquilia

  • Editorial – ‘Creative practice research in filmmaking and screen production’ by Susan Kerrigan, James Verdon and Pieter Aquilia
  • ‘The cinematic moment: improving audience testing of movies’ by Simon Weaving, Sandra Pelzer and Marc Adam
  • ‘Deconstructing the detour: A meld of theory and filmic practice to generate new knowledge’ by Patrick Kelly
  • ‘Electroacoustic moviemaking: a creative media practice research collaboration case study’ by Nick Cope and Tim Howle
  • ‘Re-visioning screen produciton education through the lens of creative practice: an Australian film school example’ by Pieter Aquilia and Susan Kerrigan
  • ‘The benefits of content analysis for filmmakers’ by Catalin Brylla
  • Report – ‘Exploring a new ear of screen production research: laying foundations for engagement and impact’ by Craig Batty, Marsha Berry and Bettina Frankham
  • ‘Insights into teaching creativity in editing’ by Jillian Holt