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Case studies

Working with Insights for Impact, the FRN have produced four thematic case studies to highlight examples of best practice and provide advice and guidance to the network.

Please read or download the case studies below.

Film Research in REF Impact
How film as research outputs featured in REF 2014
and what lessons can be learned to create strong cases for 2021
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Assessment of Filmmaking as Research
What should filmmaking researchers consider when submitting their work for research assessment?
How can you make explicit the research components of your work?
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Researching Filmmaking Practices
Supporting researchers to reflect on their approaches
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Funding for Film as Research

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An online survey was deployed internationally in 2017 through academic research networks and received 168 responses from 112 Universities across 24 countries, the majority being from the UK, followed by Australia.

The survey results are presented as statistical data based on the questions posed about filmmaking as research and filmmakers working inside universities. This information has been used in FRN publications and case studies. This survey data is valuable as it describes filmmaking researcher’s activities like filmmaking as research, peer-review, supervision, examinations and methodological approaches. Information gathered about films as outputs can be found in the Film Register information.

FRN Survey Results and Film Register information – A summary of findings.
Download here.


Film Register

The Film Register is a repository containing basic details of 153 films made inside the academy by academic filmmakers.

This register should help filmmaking researchers find details about research films. Of the 130 filmmakers contributing most entered one film with documentary (59%) being the most popular genre, followed by Fiction Films (16%)

These films can be searched by film genre, film title, filmmaker and film content.

Click on this link to access the Film Register.



Examiners List

A list of potential doctoral or master’s examiners and their expertise can be accessed by clicking on this link: Find an Examiner