Doctoral Training


Making Films for your Research: Innovative Audio-Visual Practices
A CHASE Doctoral Training Day

Saturday, November 17, 2018, Birkbeck Cinema

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Filmmaking Research – Introduction
Joanna Callaghan

New Possibilities in the Audiovisual Essay: Desktop Documentary
Chloé Galibert-Laîné, Catherine Grant
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Beyond Documentation: Creativity in Filmmaking Approaches to Research
Jasmine Gideon, Lynda Nead, Lily Ford, Catherine Grant
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Filmmaking as Research: Practice Methodologies in an Academic Context
Alex Nevill, Joanna Callaghan, Catherine Grant
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Facing Outwards: Collaboration and Engagement
Emma Davie, Joanna Callaghan
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Filmmaking in the Academy (plenary roundtable– all speakers)
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Filmmaking Research Methods
A CHASE Doctoral Training Workshop

30th January 2019 – 1st February 2019, University of Sussex

This event was be led by Andy Lawrence from Filmmaking for Fieldwork, an organization that trains researcher in using film as a research method. It covered all core practicalities when using filmmaking for fieldwork methods and techniques to answer the following questions: how to develop an efficient workflow and convert academic ideas into cinematography; how to acquire good quality images and sounds that will contribute to an engaging narrative; what are the best ways to manage your media and what codecs to use in order to export your final film; how to make use of online tools to successfully distribute your filmed fieldwork and to increase your academic profile.

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Research seminar presentation: From Nanook of the North to Clouds Over Sidra: documentary filmmaking and the research imperative.