Filmmaking Research Network

The aim of the Filmmaking Research Network was to develop understanding and consolidate the field of filmmaking research by sharing best practice internationally and developing resources. We examined how the UK and Australia use filmmaking research to generate new knowledge and produced resources to improve capacity and research infrastructure.

The network conducted research and knowledge exchange through workshops, visits, meetings, a public screening, conference panels and a survey. Resources include a register of films, case studies of best practice and a PhD examiner list. A special edition of the Media Practice and Education published in 2019 was dedicated to the project. The Filmmaking Research Network ran for 2 years and included over 100 members from more than 40 institutions including industry and third sector representatives. The network stimulated new debates, fostered a deeper understanding of filmmaking research and developed resources to sustain the future of the field.

Funded by an AHRC Research Network Grant
Principal Investigator: Joanna Callaghan, University of Sussex
Co-Investigator: Susan Kerrigan, University of Newcastle